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Cork is a biodegradable, natural and organic material
The main reason why it is used to manufacture sole are because of its lightness, impermeability, elasticity and because it is an ecological and sustainable thermal insulator.

Natural properties of rubber
On the other hand, the plants are made of rubber, which is an elastic polymer, which is extracted manually from the plants. Hence, it is a natural component.

The main properties of rubber are its elasticity and impermeability, as well as being a great thermal and acoustic insulator, just like cork.

All our sandals are made handmade in Spain
That is, they are assembled by hand. In order for the calf to achieve the desired shine and transparency, the shoes are brushed with carnauba wax. This product is natural and is extracted from palm leaves.

Leather without chemical componets
The main component of our sandals is cowhide, which is naturally tanned cowhide, without chemical components.
Its tanning is done with plants, such as mimosa. It is acquired without color and naturally. 
Finally, through the use of dyes, the desired color is given.

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